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Cures the root problems not just symptoms” Ayurveda is a Science of prevention of diseases.

“To provide high quality products at affordable prices”

“Restore Health by Ayurveda”

Products are manufactured as per GMP norms. These assured to have high quality standards.

Having capacity for large scale production of tablets, syrups, powders as well as ointments.

Ayurveda is making a big comeback at global level complementary system of medicines in 164 countries. Including Germany, SAARC, Japan, Nepal, Srilanka, Combodia, Bangladesh give legal permission and do regulatory frame work for (Ayurveda & Herbals products) traditional and complementary medicines and till increasing.

Ayurveda is the only medical Science that talk about prevention of diseases.

(not treatment after getting sick )

  • We develop scientific evidence base drug therapies in ayurveda / Herbals.
  • We do pre – clinical Research, clinical research evidence grade A, B, C
  • Pharmacological research fundamental research
  • Drug standardization and quality control (drug research)
Medicinal plant research
  • Uniformity of row materials forming under control of agricultural Experts.
  • Safety and efficacy evidence through robust studies.
  • Collaborative research in Ayurveda with outsoaring well – reputed institutions.

Benefit of poly herbal formulations

Key herbs, supportive herbs, balancing herbs and catalysts herbs for customization of formula.

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